A must have for eyeshadow lovers!

I just came across this amazing product called the Colour Switch by Vera Monda. It is the first of its kind and it basically removes colour from your eyeshadow brush so you can use the same brush for a totally new colour. I usually spend ages trying to remove all the colour off my brushes using a thin piece of  flimsy tissue paper so I can re-use the brush again and usually a tissue doesnt even clean it properly!  All you have to do with the colour switch product  is stroke the brush onto the sponge and the colour just wipes off completley! Easy and effective 🙂

Check out the video below!





Weekend Style Inspiration-Heading to the Mall

If your going to be shopping all day you need to be comfortable! Here we have a hands free bag, pumps are comfortable to walk in, a dress I can just take on and off in the changing rooms and a denim shirt because the mall can be a little chilly sometimes. Binged it up with a gold watch and a gold bracelet. Boom!

Sick Summer Sunnies

I recently came across the brand Illesteva and absolutely love the sunglasses they have. I love putting on a new pair of sunglasses, it can really add a lot to your look. The variety on here is amazing, they have so many new shapes, colours and variations that I have not seen before. I feel as though I would wear these either to  match a colour I am already wearing or use it to brighten up a darker outfit. These are all perfect t for summer holidays, amazing for festivals and great in photographs. They are a little pricey but maybe something to splurge on…. 🙂

Check out the images below. It is a mix of some of my favourites from the Mens and Women’s collection. I did like some of the mens ones and to be honest if they suited me i’d definitely still wear them!

If you have a funky brand in mind you think would be great for the summer then let me know! I will be heading to Coachella this month so I am definitely on the look out for some new items to add to my wardrobe 🙂

>>>Check out Illesteva here 

The New Top Shop Adidas collection

So recently Top Shop teamed up with Adidas and launched a new collection of fashion forward sports wear. I never would have thought that Adidas would be back in fashion but it just goes to show anything is possible if you market it correctly. I actually quite like the idea of this collaboration as i love both Top Shop and fitness.

Although it is nice to dress up once in a while, deep down I prefer a more casual comfortable style so something like this is great for me. I was eyeing down a couple of the pieces whilst at the mall this weekend (photos below). Anyone have any thoughts on sporting brands/adidas as a fashion statement? I think those sneakers will be my next purchase..!

See the full collection here: http://stupiddope.com/2014/03/19/topshop-x-adidas-originals-collection/


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