Sick Summer Sunnies

I recently came across the brand Illesteva and absolutely love the sunglasses they have. I love putting on a new pair of sunglasses, it can really add a lot to your look. The variety on here is amazing, they have so many new shapes, colours and variations that I have not seen before. I feel as though I would wear these either to  match a colour I am already wearing or use it to brighten up a darker outfit. These are all perfect t for summer holidays, amazing for festivals and great in photographs. They are a little pricey but maybe something to splurge on…. 🙂

Check out the images below. It is a mix of some of my favourites from the Mens and Women’s collection. I did like some of the mens ones and to be honest if they suited me i’d definitely still wear them!

If you have a funky brand in mind you think would be great for the summer then let me know! I will be heading to Coachella this month so I am definitely on the look out for some new items to add to my wardrobe 🙂

>>>Check out Illesteva here 


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