Multivitamins really do fill in those gaps!

Ok so i am guessing most people have heard about how important it is to take a multi-vitamin everyday especially if you are working out. I definitely knew it was important but it was only until I jumped onto the ‘my fitness pal’ bandwagon that I actually noticed how much of a difference it made. For those of you that don’t know, my fitness pal is a food diary app where you plug in what you eat and it gives you the nutritonal information for each item. You can set a total calorie intake for the day based upon your activity levels, how much weight you want to lose per week etc. I had heard about it so wanted to see what the fuss was about. I feel as though it would be a great app to use on clients (once i get my PT qualification) because i feel like if they have to record what they eat, they are more inclined to stay clear of eating bad foods. Anyway back on to the point of this post… So i started to record my daily intake and could see that I wasn’t reaching 100% on certain vitamins. I hadn’t been taking a multi-vitamin for a while so i decided to buy my usual Opti-women multivitamins and plug two of those in a day and voila! All my daily requirements were fulfilled and you might be thinking..’well duhhh!’. However my point is that It was only until I physically saw what a difference it made that i really understood the importance of taking in such a supplement. It is one thing to know something is important, but to actually see the difference on paper is another. Often people get caught up in only worrying about their macro nutrient needs but just because micronutrients are needed in comparatively smaller amounts, doesn’t mean they should be ignored. It is safe to say i will definitely continue to take multi-vitamins and not underestimate their power! Anybody else have any opinions on Multi-vitamins? Which brands do you use? Are their any other supplements you find really helpful?



The New Top Shop Adidas collection

So recently Top Shop teamed up with Adidas and launched a new collection of fashion forward sports wear. I never would have thought that Adidas would be back in fashion but it just goes to show anything is possible if you market it correctly. I actually quite like the idea of this collaboration as i love both Top Shop and fitness.

Although it is nice to dress up once in a while, deep down I prefer a more casual comfortable style so something like this is great for me. I was eyeing down a couple of the pieces whilst at the mall this weekend (photos below). Anyone have any thoughts on sporting brands/adidas as a fashion statement? I think those sneakers will be my next purchase..!

See the full collection here:


shoes toptop topshopppp onszie

Aloe Vera Juice

So I was walking in the supermarket the other day and was in the ‘health food’ section browsing around to see if I could buy some thing new and a big white bottle of Aloe Vera Juice (Dynamic Health)caught my eye. I had heard that it was supposed to help with digestion and bloating along with many other benifits. So i thought, why not! I picked up a bottle and  started taking a cap full ( about 1 oz)  before every meal. It actually tasted gross at first but after a few days I got used to it and I really think it has helped my digestion and bloating. I would definitely recommend it however I would check with a doctor if you are taking any other prescription medcine as it may react with certain drugs. With regards the benefits of actually drinking Aloe, there seems  to a be lot, some of them I read about were:

– Enhancements to the immune system

-Relief from heartburn, arthritis and lowering blood sugar levels

– Good For respiratory disorders (e.g cold, flu, bronchitis etc)

-High in Amino and Fatty Acids which the body needs

Anyone else have any thoughts on drinking Aloe?


Check out this link to learn more:

Recent Trip to India 

So this is my first blog post and i am going to jump right in there with some stories from my most recent trip to India. The purpose of this trip was for business however I definitely managed to blend in some sightseeing too. The last time i was in India was when i was 6 years old and my memories from then have faded but i do have flashbacks of the not so good parts. I felt at this  age  however i would appreciate the  trip more and i was also extremely excited to take photos along the way.

It was absolutely chaos from the second we stepped out the airport in Mumbai. We landed in what is now the ‘old’ airport and jumped into a taxi. The first thing i noticed was that there was NO lines on the road and everybody was just driving wherever they wanted to! It was mental, cars beeping literally every second until we got to the hotel about 45 mins away. I was so occupied looking out of the window that the journey didn’t even seem to take that long. Wherever  you looked, something was going on. It just seemed like something out of a movie.

The purpose of the visit was for the opening of my store ‘Smile Bar’. Smile Bar is the first teeth whitening concept to be opened in India. Im sure many of you have already seen Teeth whitening concepts in malls or shops around the world but there wasn’t anything like it there so i’m hoping it does well because who doesnt want a bright white smile, right? (I will do a separate post on the launch)

Our hotel was in Bandra and although it was an amazing hotel within its boundaries, the second you step out of its boundaries you are faced with a lot of poverty and an extremely run down road along the coast. It was the same for everywhere we went, the more upmarket places were always mixed into the run down areas, i thought it was pretty cool though and it definitely added charm.  To be honest the more run down parts were the most interesting as they were always so busy and it was incredible to just watch and capture the hustle and bustle of the place. The driver found it hysterical because I kept telling him to stop along the road so I could take photographs of everyday life there.  He was used to it so had no idea why I thought it was so cool! Click on the pictures below to see them in full size!

Trip to India