Breakfast. I love it, we all need it #omelette

I absolutely love breakfast and i really don’t understand how some people go without it. I literally wake up and it is all I am thinking about. I usually have the same thing every morning. An omelette with veggies, some spinach, a bowl of oatmeal/porridge (whatever you like to call it!) and a cup of tea. Its a great meal as its got a good amount of protein and carbs in there and stacks up to about 250-300 calories. I like to get my carbs in earlier in the day so oats are a great source for when you get up and they also help to curb my sweet tooth too as I sprinkle a little crunchy stevia on top for taste.

Now obviously the possibility with omelettes is pretty endless and you may have your own preferences (different veggies/meat or using the yolk) but the recipe below is just how I like to cook mine so I hope you enjoy it. I do switch up the veggies now and again for some variety but this recipe will include an onion, a red bell pepper and some coriander.  Don’t forget to check out the slideshow below 🙂


  • Small Onion sliced- About 60g
  • Red Bell Pepper Chopped- about 80g
  • 5 Large or Medium Egg Whites
  • Season Salt/ seasoning of  your choice
  • Pepper
  • Cooking Spray


1. Set heat on stove to medium heat. My stove goes to 9 so i set it at 6.5.

2. Place the chopped onion into the pan (I like crescent shaped slices)  and place a lid on top of the pan

3. While these cook, i then chop my bell pepper and cilantro

4. Separate the eggs whites into a bowl and sprinkle with the desired amount of season salt and pepper

5. Beat the eggs until lots of bubbles form. I like to get as many bubbles as possible. I just use a fork !

6.  Remove lid from the pan (The onions should be sizzling) and pour in the bubbly egg whites

7. immediately sprinkle the chopped red bell pepper evenly around the pan and then the coriander on top.

8. Place the lid on top of the pan. Placing the lid on is the key as it helps  the omelette rise and become fluffy.

9. Now while the omelette is cooking i get down to making my porridge and my cup of tea whilst clearing the kitchen at the same time and usually once i have done that it is ready. A few indicators as to whether it is done;  You will start to see the omelette bubble and rise  and when you take the lid off there should be any runny parts. It should look cooked.

10. Once it looks cooked I like to get a spatula and fold it over. I like the outside to be cooked (almost like a layer of crispy skin) with the inside being softer. So I fold it and let it sit in the pan for a little to hold it all together and then it should slide out pretty easy to be placed onto your plate.

Thats about it really! I  like to have my omelette with a little reduced salt and sugar tomato ketchup and about 70g of steamed spinach on the side. For my porridge I use a 1/4cup  of quakers wholegrain oats and mix it with water, cinnamon and psyllium husk for added fibre as well as a sprinkle of crunchy stevia for sweetness. My cup of tea is the last thing and I have this with some low fat milk.

Overall this meal is pretty clean and healthy, it is usually less than 300 cals and really gets me going in the morning. What do you all like for breakfast? I would love to know about some more healthy ideas I could incorporate into my daily routine as it is good to switch up once in a while so please do let me know.

Have a great day and hope you enjoy the images!

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13 thoughts on “Breakfast. I love it, we all need it #omelette

      • Haha I bet, and I may 🙂 I like a lot of different things. Some days I’ll eat just oatmeal with some fruit. Other days I’ll make omelettes with chicken, sometimes steak. Other days I’ll have a nice fruit infused protein shake!

      • Thats okay! Well I was born in London but my family and I moved to Dubai in 1998 so went to school in both. However my higher education was in the UK and the United States. My parents are originally from East Africa however, but we are all fully Indian. Long story..i know..haha. Yourself?

      • Lol not long at all! My story is not even 1/10 as exciting as yours.. but I grew up in Delaware my wholel life, parents are from South Carolina. Went to college in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and now I’m back in Delaware. Lol pretty basic and boring! But which place did you like the best ?

      • Thats pretty cool I haven’t been to Delaware or South Carolina before! I love the states i had an amazing time when i lived out there and there is so much enthusiasm. Its hard to determine where i like the best. Being at Ohio State for a year was absolutely incredible, i had the time of my life there haha. London is still amazing though in the summer and the music scene in Manchester was great when i was at school there too. Dubai is an exciting city with lots of opportunity career wise which is why I have moved back here although I would like to live on the West Coast of the United States at some point. I hate the thought of being stuck in one place so im hoping I will get to move around, there is just so much to see!

      • Oh wow! I can only imagine how amazing Ohio State must have been 0_o haha I’ve never neen to London, but definitely on my bucket list! And are all those pictures that they post on IG and everywhere really what Dubai looks like when you’re there?! I was always curious lol and lmao, me and you are twins. I absolutely cannot stand being tied down and stationary. I want to see the world just like you! Lol now a days there is much opportunity online, we just have to take it! Do you have Facebook?

      • Yes Dubai is exactly how you see it in the photos, it is a very over the top place with a lot of sky scrapers. It is pretty cool if you haven’t been before, but i am used to it as i grew up here! I have Facebook but i usually just keep that for close family and friends. My Instagram is public however and I am on that a lot more often. If you scroll through you will definitely find some Dubai shots, so check it out if you want! 🙂

      • lol good to hear that it’s actually real! that sounds beautiful and okay I’ll add you on there. You and me seem a lot a like. always wanting to see more of the world and better ourselves each and everyday! 🙂 what are you up to now a days?

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