Smile Bar Launch

After I graduated university,  like a lot of people, I had to start looking for a job. To be honest though,  after 4 years of studying I still really had no idea what I wanted to do.  I couldn’t picture myself working for somebody else and even if I had  to pick I still had no idea what company I would like to work for or even what field of business I wanted to be in. Nothing appealed to me and on top of all that the job market really wasn’t too great either. I couldn’t see myself stuck behind a desk 5 days a week, all i knew was that I wanted to do something that fitted my extrovert personality.

So not knowing what to do I moved back home to Dubai to see if I could find anything there. I then began work at a PR firm which was great experience but to be honest it just didn’t feel completely right.  My dad has always encouraged me to start something of my own and so I was always trying to think about what ideas I could propose to him.

Smile Bar all began about a year ago when I was in my room one evening. I was researching and emailing companies/ideas/concepts that I thought would work in Dubai. One company (a cosmetic teeth whitening company) got back to me shortly after and honestly I thought it was a scam or a joke. I thought ‘Wow, that was quick this cant be right?’. I was wrong… this man was seriously interested in what I had to say!   About a month later I flew off to LA to see the company and a year down the road it has began in India. Now you are probaably wondering “India? Don’t you live in Dubai?’ Yes I do and Dubai will hopefully be on its way to opening soon however I was faced with many obstacles along the way (but what new business owner doesn’t?) My hopes for opening in Dubai still remain and I believe it will all happen in time (hopefully this year!)

The company in India however is called  Smile Bar. The tooth whitening treatment is enamel safe, quick, pain free and best of all it only takes 15 minutes! So how did this India thing come about you may ask? Well, my dad was talking to a family friend of ours (who was born in Mumbai) about the concept I was working on and he happened to really liked the idea and thought it would work great over in India. Now obviously I had no intention of starting a business in India because firstly I dont live there and secondly I have heard that doing business there is a totally different ball game compared to more westernised nations. Now Dubai isnt exactly as straight forward as the UK or the United States but it is a lot more westernised in its business practices than India.

So to cut a long story short we decided with our family friend that the Indian market was perfect for this concept and to go ahead. Another few months and many obstacles down the line, the launch of the first store in Bandra Mumbai has happened. It was a great event which was inaugurated by Jacqueline Fernandez an up and coming Bollywood actress. It was a pretty long day but was great to have such amazing feedback on the concept and the store design. We also did treatments on those that wanted them and had some amazing results which is always satisfying to see 🙂

I will be sure to post about the Dubai launch once it happens (fingers crossed!). For now, I hope you enjoy some of the images below (click to enlarge).

Please check out and The Facebook Page for more information.

What I am wearing- As the Smile Bar colours are predominently blue i decided to wear lime green to stand out a little. I paired this with some rose gold closed toe heels and didn’t wear any jewellery as I just wanted to keep it simple!





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