Multivitamins really do fill in those gaps!

Ok so i am guessing most people have heard about how important it is to take a multi-vitamin everyday especially if you are working out. I definitely knew it was important but it was only until I jumped onto the ‘my fitness pal’ bandwagon that I actually noticed how much of a difference it made. For those of you that don’t know, my fitness pal is a food diary app where you plug in what you eat and it gives you the nutritonal information for each item. You can set a total calorie intake for the day based upon your activity levels, how much weight you want to lose per week etc. I had heard about it so wanted to see what the fuss was about. I feel as though it would be a great app to use on clients (once i get my PT qualification) because i feel like if they have to record what they eat, they are more inclined to stay clear of eating bad foods. Anyway back on to the point of this post… So i started to record my daily intake and could see that I wasn’t reaching 100% on certain vitamins. I hadn’t been taking a multi-vitamin for a while so i decided to buy my usual Opti-women multivitamins and plug two of those in a day and voila! All my daily requirements were fulfilled and you might be thinking..’well duhhh!’. However my point is that It was only until I physically saw what a difference it made that i really understood the importance of taking in such a supplement. It is one thing to know something is important, but to actually see the difference on paper is another. Often people get caught up in only worrying about their macro nutrient needs but just because micronutrients are needed in comparatively smaller amounts, doesn’t mean they should be ignored. It is safe to say i will definitely continue to take multi-vitamins and not underestimate their power! Anybody else have any opinions on Multi-vitamins? Which brands do you use? Are their any other supplements you find really helpful?



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