Aloe Vera Juice

So I was walking in the supermarket the other day and was in the ‘health food’ section browsing around to see if I could buy some thing new and a big white bottle of Aloe Vera Juice (Dynamic Health)caught my eye. I had heard that it was supposed to help with digestion and bloating along with many other benifits. So i thought, why not! I picked up a bottle and  started taking a cap full ( about 1 oz)  before every meal. It actually tasted gross at first but after a few days I got used to it and I really think it has helped my digestion and bloating. I would definitely recommend it however I would check with a doctor if you are taking any other prescription medcine as it may react with certain drugs. With regards the benefits of actually drinking Aloe, there seems  to a be lot, some of them I read about were:

– Enhancements to the immune system

-Relief from heartburn, arthritis and lowering blood sugar levels

– Good For respiratory disorders (e.g cold, flu, bronchitis etc)

-High in Amino and Fatty Acids which the body needs

Anyone else have any thoughts on drinking Aloe?


Check out this link to learn more:


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